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“The Golden Key To A Career In IT” will unveil at last secrets to the life in IT that you have been wondering and dreaming about.

After 30+ years as an IT insider it’s time for me to “spill the beans”!

A lot of people don’t want this information to get out, but you need to know the real truth on this subject.

In this eBook we cover:

  • Why a degree in computer science is overrated and why you don’t need one to get a great job in the field of Information Technology.
  • Forget Java, .NET, HTML or some new “hot skill”, this is the one thing that you need to know to get a great paying job in IT.
  • Some of you may already have this “Golden Key” skill and don’t know it.
  • Why employers are demanding this skill these days.
  • The “old days” vs. the “current” in the world of Information Technology.
  • How to “SuperCharge” your IT career!

And So Much More!!!

Like I said, it’s yours for the asking.

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