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ITJobSecrets.com - Safety BeltA someone who has worked in the IT (i.e.: Information Technology) world for over 30 years I have seen a lot over the years. I’ve seen things that work and things that definitely don’t work. I’ve seen reality and spin and I’ve seen times of greatness and times of sorrow. There is nobody better positioned to tell you “What It Is”.

That is what ITJobSecrets.com is all about. A “no spin” zone where you will be given the truth that lurks beneath the covers so that you can make an educated decision on how to move forward with your career, your software, your purchases, “whatever”.

One of the most frequent recurring myths these days is that you need to get a “high powered” computer science degree or have tons of experience to get a high-paying job in IT.  “Hogwash” I say!  My current boss is a cook!  He’s the head of software architecture at our company and he went to cooking school!

I’ve got a new book coming out in a few days entitled “The Golden Key To A Career In IT” that will outline the one thing that you really need to get a great paying job in IT.  It’s not Java, or .NET or HTML or “whatever” buzz words that they are spouting out around the water cooler.  It’s something that some of you may already know how to do.  Keep your eyes out guys…you’re gonna love this!

So buckle your safety belt!  You’re about to embark on the ride of your life into the “bowels” of the IT world,,.

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